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  • Unlocking career potentials
  • Achieving sustainable growth
  • Truly Global perspectives.

At Galen we are monitoring recruitment process from the first step onwards and it doesn’t end there even after the candidate has been placed, with absolute determination that everything works out as smoothly as it should.

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  • Global Reach
  • Regional Expertise
  • Exceptional Results

We take pride in our ability to go beyond the norm. Throughout the recruitment process, Galen is proactive about finding you the perfect candidate, because we understand the importance of having the right calibre and level of staff at all times. Coupled with our speedy response and ability to quickly provide suitable candidates, we take dependability to new levels of excellence.

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  • Beyond Recruitment
  • Partner for Transformation
  • Growth

Galen is able to provide you with high calibre candidates when you have the need. Irrelevant of the size of your business or hospital, whether your businesses are in the medical or life sciences industry. We will always go the extra mile to provide a tailor made HR solution that will help you strengthen your business’ potential.

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  • Unlocking career potentials
  • Achieving sustainable growth

To ensure your job security and the remuneration package that suites your calibre, Galen will work to find you the best future employers in the life science and medical industries. Our aim is to building a long term relationship with our candidates, on both sides of the table.

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  • Finding opportunities
  • Forging partnerships
  • Truly Global prospectives

Galen takes pride in being unique among recruitment agencies, putting you in the best position to further your career. We further work to ensure that those who work for us are fulfilled as completely as possible – our aim is to be your preferred employer in the recruitment industry. We want only the highest calibre, most dynamic recruiters, with industry connections and experience.

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  • Unlocking career potentials
  • Achieving sustainable growth

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